Skate Crazy

June 1988

Gremlin Graphics

Gremlin Graphics (Derby)

Graphics (Commodore 64)

Skate Crazy appeared on several formats back in 1988 but the Commodore 64 version was the only one of them developed at Gremlin’s offices in Derby.

Comprising two games – an eight-way scrolling ‘Car Park Challenge’ on one side of the tape cassette and a sideways scrolling ‘Championship Course’ on the other, set up so that the player qualified in the first game and then turned the cassette over to play the second.

My job was in providing the graphics for the second game – four side-scrolling backgrounds, on-screen display graphics and converting the sprite graphics from the other formats (by US Gold veteran artist, the late Kevin Bulmer) for use on the C64.

Possibly the only title in gaming history with a ‘Street Cred-ometer’.


More information on the various formats of the game can be found on Moby Games’ Skate Crazy page as well as over at the Gremlin Archive.