March 1995

Core Design

Core Design

Additional Graphics, Additional Design (Commodore Amiga)

Dragonstone was a short filler project that I helped bring to completion for Core Design.

It was the sequel to the title Darkmere (developed externally by Zero Hour Software and published by Core).

To my recollection, Dragonstone, the sequel, began in-house at Core but with the graphics being drawn by the incredibly talented Mark K. Jones, the original artist and designer responsible for Darkmere.  When circumstances changed and Mark left the project for new opportunities I joined the team to help bring the game to completion, following the ‘Zelda perspective’ look and doing my best to emulate Mark’s style and helping out where I could to wrestle the game, its storyline and design to a conclusion.

I’m not sure where Mark’s graphics end and my graphics begin, to be honest, it’s such a long while ago…