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Artist (Commodore 64)

In all truth, I’d absolutely forgotten that I worked on this game and it wasn’t until I was revamping my website in March 2017 that I discovered it while web-searching images.

The game was a little side-project budget game by Rob Toone who coded and designed the game and needed a bunch of Commodore 64 art for it.  If I recall, it didn’t take me much time at all to get the art that Rob needed.

I can vaguely recall doing the art for this…

If I remember correctly the game didn’t feature a jump, simply the main character switched between the ground level and upper level a little like the arcade game, Rolling Thunder

While researching for the website rebuild, I discovered that the game had later been converted to the Amstrad CPC-64 and Sinclair Spectrum.  And also, that there is a 1986 Hong Kong martial arts movie of the same name that although it has no relation to our game sounds just as cheesy as it.