Mandalorian Helmet Kits

My helmet kits are based upon the publically available Rafal Works templates on The Dented Helmet Forums (that replicate all of the asymmetries of the screen-used Boba Fett helmets) I built a master helmet from paper, pasteboard and car body filler, spending an obscene amount of time sanding it and honing the details.

Because I wanted the helmet to be a general-purpose Mandalorian helmet, I deliberately left off the details of the ‘Borden Connector’ on the right cheek and signature impact dent on the left temple that is identified specifically with the character of Boba Fett.

With that step completed, I created a silicone mould of the master and encased that in a fibreglass mould jacket along with multiple small moulds for the ‘ear caps’ and ‘rangefinder’ that, like the movie helmets attach as separate items.

Having successfully created new helmets for my wife’s and mine costumes, I now make kits for sale.


Standard Fibreglass Reinforced Mandalorian Helmet Kit

£110GBP + P&P

The Standard Kit is reinforced with fibreglass, making it stronger than purely ‘slush cast’ helmets.

Supplied in grey polyurethane resin with fibreglass reinforcement throughout.  Each kit has been sanded and hand-finished, including a black resin inner coating to smooth off the interior and remove the need for painting.

All parts of the standard kit are cast in grey resin with chopped strand and woven fibreglass reinforcement.  The rangefinder stalk is reinforced with an internal metal armature for strength. Some assembly and cutting out of the T-Visor area is required.

Does not include visor although I offer a T-visor cutting service that includes a Visor in heat-formed Dark Green Polycarbonate available for an additional £20GBP.

The helmet is the same size as the screen-used Boba Fett helmet from Return of the Jedi.

  • The circumference of the helmet around the brow ridge is 80cm/31.5″
  • The internal height of the helmet from the centre to the top of the dome is 22.5cm/9″
  • The width of the helmet between the ears at the base is 25.5cm/10″
  • The length of the helmet from the front of the visor to the back of the helmet is 30cm/12″

This makes the helmet one of the ‘roomier’ versions available and I am pleased to say that some of my customers have reported that they can comfortably wear glasses inside them.

If you are interested in one of these kits, please contact me via my Facebook Art Page.


T-Visor Cutting + Dark Green Polycarbonate Visor

For an additional £20GBP I will cut out the T-Visor and supply a Visor in Dark Green Polycarbonate (welding visor material).

The visor material is a VERY dark green which photographs as black as can be seen in the photographs here on my site.


Deluxe Cold Cast Mandalorian Helmet Kit

£155GBP + P&P

To order, I can create cold cast versions of the helmet – this means the helmet is cast with a layer of aluminium powder which can be polished to give a real metal finish.

Included in this kit:

  • Helmet + Ear Caps in cold cast aluminium
  • Rangefinder stalk – reinforced with a hollow brass tube to allow wiring to be passed up into the Rangefinder top
  • Rangefinder cover – cast in black resin
  • Rangefinder insert – cast in clear polyurethane resin

Does not include visor (for an additional £20GBP I can cut out the T-Visor and supply a heat-formed Visor in Dark Green Polycarbonate)

If you are interested in one of these kits, please contact me via my Facebook Art Page.


Cold Cast Ear Caps + Rangefinder Kits

I can also supply Ear Cap, Rangefinder Kits and Rangefinder Stalks separately:

£30GBP + P&P

  • Rangefinder stalk in cold cast aluminium, reinforced with hollow brass rod for strength and routing of wire to rangefinder
  • Rangefinder cover in black polyurethane resin
  • Rangefinder insert in clear polyester resin

£18GBP + P&P

  • Rangefinder stalk only in cold cast aluminium, reinforced with hollow brass rod for strength and routing of wire to rangefinder

£30GBP + P&P

Additional Notes

I carry a small stock of helmets but most are made to order.  Please allow a 2 week turnaround time.  The process I follow is that I assemble the kit, send images of it through to you via Facebook/e-mail.  If you’re happy with what you see, send through the money – once the funds are cleared, I send the helmet kit via signed and tracked mail, forwarding you the tracking details so you can follow the package safely to your door.  Sales are final.

Postage and Packing – Guarantee

I promise not to artificially jack up the price for postage and packaging.
Packaging cost is £1GBP, with postage being the cheapest, most reliable, signed and tracked service I can find for you (usually Royal Mail signed+tracked).

Approximate P&P cost is:

Ear Caps/Rangefinder Kit ~ £5.92GBP
Helmet Kit ~ £13GBP

Helmet Kit ~ £19GBP

Helmet Kit ~ £24GBP
Ear Caps/Rangefinder Kit ~ £15GBP